5th Week of Lent

Holy Mass & Service Times:

Sunday 2nd 5th Sunday in Lent
6.30pm – Vigil Mass (Sat)
9.30am – Mass
11.30am – Mass
Mon 3rd 9.30am – Mass
Tue 4th 9.30am – Mass
Wed 5th 9.30pm – Mass
Thu 6th 9.30am – Lenten breakfast and talk, St. Clement’s Church
6.00pm – Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
6.35pm – Evening Prayer and Benediction
7.00pm – Mass
Fri 7th 6.30am – Mass – followed by breakfast in the Kershaw Room
9.30am – Mass, Our Lady of the Rosary School
6.00pm – Stations of the Cross
Sat 8th 10:00am – Mass
10.30am – Exposition & Sacrament of Reconcilliation
11.00am – Reposition & Prayers for Vocations
6.00pm – Sacrament of Reconcilliation