Offertory Donations

Offertory donations can be made in several ways.

  1. Offertory Envelopes. Parishioners who choose to donate using this method put their donations in a numbered envelope so that their donations can be tracked and linked to them. To request a set of offertory envelopes please download and complete the Offertory Envelope Request Form available on the [Downloads] page and return it to the Parish office.
  2. Standing Order. Parishioners now have the facility to make their offertory donations at regular intervals by Standing Order. To set up a Standing Order please download and complete the Standing Order Form available on the [Downloads] page and take it to your bank.
  3. Collection Basket. Parishioners do of course have the option of using the collection basket during Mass to make their donations. Donations made by this method do not qualify for Gift Aid as donations cannot be linked to an individual parishioner.

If you choose to donate by either Offertory Envelopes or Standing Order and are a UK taxpayer please consider signing a Gift Aid Declaration Form (also available on the [Downloads] page]. This allows the parish to reclaim the tax you pay on your donations. Under current rules this means for every £1 you donate the parish will actually receive £1.25