Baptism Preparation Course

The preparation course for parents who wish to have their child baptised is usually held over two sessions in the Parish Centre on two consecutive Tuesday evenings. Both sessions are about an hour long and they are quite informal. The DVD resource which is used is very informative and has clips of young children talking about their faith and about God and they always cause a few laughs among the listeners. Parents must attend the course and present their child for baptism at Mass on the Sunday following the course before they can arrange a date for the baptism.

To make parents feel relaxed and at home a cup of tea or a glass of wine is offered before the sessions start. The DVD resource covers the baptism service and there are questions for discussion which are discussed very informally with some input from the people who help run the course. Parents are challenged to think very carefully about the reasons why they wish to have their child baptised. If at the end of the course parents decide to wait for a while they are commended as this may be the right thing for them to do and would show their real concern for both their own faith and that of their child.

The baptism course takes place five or six times a year and most parents really do enjoy it. They are surprised at just how relaxed and easy going the course is.

For further information please contact the Baptism Preparation Course coordinator via the parish office.